Once I celebrated courtly love songs at the ballroom of Poitiers. Then I counted the state fossils to take back the Holy Land. With 200 ships I sailed along the north-west African coast. Set off in the sands with my cohorts of the Lionheart's caravan. The iron glinting monitor lizard glows in the oasis glimm'. The thirst made us grow humps on the way to his rock tomb in ... Sun parches thought and moral under the looming apocalypse. I was startled awake and papered the dessert with rambling maps of our caravan.

With upturned swords and white horses the Saracens allied sounded their attack. Bounded with the heatstroking day down the Saracens allied sounded their attack. The knights sank in the desert sand. On my return I met two Chinese badminton players on their first manned mission to mars. They sang courtly love songs, were absorbed in looking at the stars. And Blondell took care of my correspondence and fed the camel humps with alphabet soup. I created with the rest of the fossils the rules of the new reincarnation game.